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Learning Powerpro By Example
Powerpro Plugin Archive
Powerpro PPMLA (Powerpro Mailing List Archive)

Powerpro PPbA (Powerpro Beginners Archive)
Powerpro PPSL (Powerpro Script Library)

Powerpro Extra Files

Latest Stable Powerpro Version (4.8l): Download Alt Download
Latest Beta Powerpro: Download As of 4/07 Bruce announced a stop to powerpro dev. Only bugfixes (and/or fixes at Bruce's determination) will be released in the future.

All Powerpro releases (including older betas) Browse Alt Browse

All latest files can be found in the ftp server: ftp://powerpro.dyndns.org
Tip: Setup a scheduled wget transfer (or other file transfer command) that syncs on a daily basis, and alerts you to changes in the files.
Want an ftp folder to appear as a drive letter?

Learning Powerpro By Example

These Wink (flash) demos are an invaluable resource for new and experienced users to learn how to do different things in powerpro. You never know what you might find!

Powerpro Plugins

This is a zip file with all available powerpro plugins (not already included in the Powerpro distro). If you find something that is missing, please send a message to the powerpro list and let me know what needs updating or adding.

Name Size Created
PPlugins.zip Alt Download
A Zip file with all current Powerpro plugins available. Updated unicode plugin
8,173 KB 04/22/2009
PPlugins_Docs.zip Alt Download
A Zip file with Powerpro plugins documentation in knt format.
177 KB 04/04//2004


Powerpro PPMLA
PowerPro Mailing List Archive

This is an archive of the YahooGroups messages found at http://groups.yahoo.com/powerpro. A big thanks to Nathan for keeping all these compiled and up to date.

Name Size Created
PPMLA_Complete.zip  Alt Download
One file of all the PPMLA Files Year 2000 thru current
5,715 KB 06/16/2005


This is the only readme file for all the .zip files in this folder. There are no individual readme files with each .zip file. Please read this before downloading. Thank You.
4 KB 12/01/2003
January thru Dec 2004 PPMLA file in knt format
1,586 KB 01/29/2005
Sept thru Dec 2003 PPMLA file in knt format
544 KB


May thru Aug 2003 PPMLA file in knt format
527 KB 11/29/2003
Jan thru April 2003PPMLA file in knt format
694 KB 11/29/2003
Aug thru Dec 2002 PPMLA file in knt format
689 KB 12/01/2003
Jan thru July 2002 PPMLA file in knt format
448 KB 12/01/2003
2001 PPMLA file in knt format
528 KB 12/01/2003
2000 PPMLA file in knt format
77 KB 12/01/2003

Powerpro PPbA
PowerPro beginners Archive

This is an archive of the YahooGroups messages found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/powerpro-beginners. Source files found at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/power-pro/files/Documentation/0_PPb_Archive/. This is another project fully maintained by Nathan who does a great job!

Name Size Created
PPbA_complete.zip  Alt Download
One file of all the PPbA files Nov 2003 thru current
282 KB 06/16/2005


Powerpro PPSL
PowerPro Script Library

These are some files relating to the PPSL. This is a rough draft of HTML specs. Many thanks to sendhil_nathan2002 that spends a lot of time culling thru powerpro resource locations finding scripts, organizing the script creators, and encouraging them to document their work so that others might find it useful. Don't tell me Nathan has ANOTHER project that he does for good of powerpro - Yup! He does! Where does he find the time??? =)

Questions / Comments please refer them to the Yahoo group relating to Powerpro

Name Size Created
A Zip file with a majority of the powerpro plugins available Also downloadable from here however you must be a member of the Powerpro Yahoo group.
27 KB 03/07/2004


Powerpro Extra Files

These are misc large files from the Powerpro YahooGroup File section

Name Size Created
PDF of Powerpro 3.7 r01 doc file plus plugins, linked doc index and Acrobat search catalog
885 KB 01/25/2003
Yahoo Messages converted to Eudora format, compatible for import to most readers (Auxiliary Files included)
619 KB 01/19/2003
PProMsgs.mbx - Opens in Eudora, Imports to Forte Agent and other readers (Outlook Express needs this file and the separate Auxiliary Files)
1,524 KB 09/29/2002
Outlook Express needs more than the Eudora mbx file to import messages. This zip includes descmap.pce and PProMsgs.toc
170 KB 09/30/2002
For use with separately posted PDF file and Search-enabled version of Acrobat Reader
216 KB 12/30/2002
PowerPro Manual in PDF format with bookmarks and index
489 KB 12/12/2002
Powerpro Help File in PDF format   01/01/2007