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Computer Information


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Top 5 Todo's

Everything listed on this page is free!!

Before you even start on this list, make sure you visit www.windowsupdate.com and apply all available "Critical Updates". This is most important to protect you and your computer from virii and worms that exploit bugs to infect your computer.

  1. Install a spyware checker
  2. Install Anti-virus - If you don't have an antivirus and you read E-mail and surf the web, I give you an 85% chance of HAVING A VIRUS ALREADY!
  3. Install a firewall because I'm sure you're tired of messages continually popping up on the screen (if you're running NT/2000/XP) - There's two different ones I recommend
    • Kerio Personal Firewall (easier to configure rules, but doesn't allow you to view easier-to-understand information about alerts).
    • ZoneAlarm (Download FREE ZoneAlarm) Has more detailed information so you can see extra info about what you're allowing and denying
  4. Install a popup blocker, my recommendation is Proxomitron. It's not one that's easy to configure but it's exceedingly powerful. If you also install NetCaptor and use them in combination you'll be down to virtually nil popups (I doubt I get 1 popup a month)
    • Proxomitron 4.5 downloaded from computercops.biz (the official Proxomitron website has unfortunately stopped working. Quick Install Instructions: After installing, and running proxomitron (proxomitron info page pops up on first run). Open Internet Explorer Tools Menu ->Internet Options ->Connection Tab ->LAN Settings button -> Check bypass for local addresses and click Advanced Button -> Uncheck "Use the same Proxy server for all protocols -> In the http: field put "localhost" (no quotes) and make port "8080".
    • Optionally also install NetCaptor (this is a 30-day shareware, so you're going to have to spend some money here. Well worth it IMO)
  5. Remove Programs from startup that don't need to start automatically!
    • A great little program that makes it easy is Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel
    • Don't forget to remove stuff like:
      • Realplayer
      • Winzip
      • Microsoft (or MSN) Messenger
      • Time Synchronizer (not needed in XP because it sync's automatically)
      • And anything else you don't use. Especially if you see an icon for it next to the clock in your taskbar!